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NFTs In the Middle East?

In an ever-digital world, it would feel more natural to the new, digitally native generation to want to store their possessions in said digital world. But, as with most digital advancements, the Middle East does tend to play a bit of catch-up with the rest of the world – so here’s to being a driving force in the region! cheers and applause.

Now, the process to create NFTs is the same from anywhere in the world – because, you know, the blockchain technology is one and the same. But, there is room for creatives and buyers to recognize NFTs as a credible form of art (i.e. the supply and demand sides of any marketplace). Other buzzing NFT platforms around the world include OpenSea and Foundation & more.

Next we need to consider, how do we get there? Here at Nuqtah, we hope to do our part by providing a platform for creatives to showcase their work, which would also serve as a marketplace for buyers. Meanwhile, other Middle East-based creatives are doing their part by creating and promoting themselves and the NFT medium on several TV shows and podcasts – you know, forms of new-media these days. And on that note, shout-out to Dubai-based Lebanese artist Kristel Bechara for becoming the first NFT artist from the Middle East! Talk about being an early adopter. Other up-and-coming Middle Eastern artists that are now exploring the NFT route include Jeddah-based Faisal Alkheriji (who’s creating his own version of Arabian Cryptopunk NFTs) and Rex Chouk who’s got us feeling all sorts of trippy feels (who just released an NFT inspired by the cover of Drake’s latest album). Hey, ain’t no shame in seeking homage from “the west”!

But with all the value that the NFT medium brings to creatives and buyers alike, how do we accelerate their adoption in the Middle East as the go-to type of merch for the fan economy?

An opportunity exists to build an ecosystem around NFTs – take an opportunity seized. And as for you? Well, you can do your part by sharing this post 😊.

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