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Leading Women in Web 3 in MENA Region


On the occasion of International Women's Day, we are proud to highlight the pioneering women in the field of emerging technology and Web 3 from the Arab world. We will share with everyone their stories and achievements that we consider inspiring because they are truly leaders and pioneers at the forefront of this field and industry due to their continuous passion and love for innovation!

Now, we leave you to a fun and inspiring read.

Meet The Leading Women of Web3 and Tech

Dr. Amber Ghaddar Founder of Alliance Block Company.

Dr. Amber is the founder of AllianceBlock, which combines the worlds of traditional and decentralized finance to create the first globally compliant capital market.

Dr. Ghaddar has leveraged her unique background to elevate the global blockchain ecosystem. Her work seeks to achieve universal access to opportunities that would otherwise be withheld from certain communities due to financial illiteracy or limited access to necessary information and tools.

Recently, she told the Fintech review that she recommends female entrepreneurs first try to obtain investments from women investors or venture capitalists organizations focusing on diversity investments. The goal is to utilize the unique perspectives and advantages that have been created by investing in diversity.

With her work and expertise, she is helping shape a more secure and trustworthy digital economy that benefits all Web3 users.

Eman Herawy Founder of Arabs In Blockchain Community.

Eman is the founder of Arabs In Blockchain, the first community for teaching (in Arabic) and enabling Arabs to join the blockchain world.

Eman's achievements have made her one of the most recognizable figures in the blockchain and web3 industry.

Her accomplishments include being selected as an alumnus researcher at Ethereum’s Devcon conference. As well as being a mentor and reviewer for Udacity's Blockchain Nanodegree program, she is a full-fledged blockchain web developer and an ambassador for the ConsenSys Quorum and Status Network.

Iman is a great example of how women are actively contributing to Web 3.

Dina Samaan Managing Director and Co-founder of CoinMENA

Dina Samaan is an entrepreneur, who has brought changes to the world of digital asset trading as the Managing Director and Co-Founder of CoinMENA, a Bahrain-based digital asset trading platform.

Dina’s experience as part of the founding team of the first regional crypto assets exchange exposed to her the region’s need for a fully-regulated, well-governed exchange with secure banking relations that allow the public to safely transact using their local currencies. These were the grounds on which CoinMena was built.

Dina's various accomplishments prove her strength as an influential leader in the Web3 industry.

Ola Doudin CEO and Co-founder of BitOasis.

A revolutionary force in the cryptocurrency world, Jordanian entrepreneur Ola Doudin co-founded and leads BitOasis, a cryptocurrency platform.

Ola is a remarkable professional who has gone from being an IT Risk Advisor at Ernst & Young to being a CEO and Co-Founder of BitOaisis, and an advisor of one of the leading Bitcoin payment companies in the Middle East - Yellow. Operating from the UAE, she has used her unique skills and expertise as a security specialist to help guide Yellow in matters related to cyber-security and preventing financial fraud. Her career journey is sure to inspire many young women in the field of security-related technology.

Iman Mutlaq CEO and Founder of INGOT Brokers LLC

Aside from being a Financial Expert, Entrepreneur, and Social Activist, Eman Mutlaq is a well-known intellectual leader in the cryptocurrency world. She is the CEO and founder of INGOT Brokers LLC - a consortium of multinational companies operating across five continents providing services that enable clients to operate on foreign exchange markets and trade with world currencies, stock indices, and precious metals.

In 2016 and 2017, Iman was chosen by Forbes from among 40 other notable women representing all kinds of industries, as one of the 100 most powerful women in the Middle East, and as the winner of the competition for the Top 10 Important Jordanian Women.

Eman Mutlaq’s immense contribution to the growth of INGOT Brokers LLC is proof that practical applications of technology can bring about tremendous impact in traditional financial markets.

Salwa Radwi Founder and CEO of Nuqtah NFT marketplace.

Saudi entrepreneur Salwa Radwi is the founder and CEO of Nuqtah Marketplace, founded mid-2022, and proudly, the first NFT market in Saudi Arabia. Her company aims to provide Web 3-enabling solutions to businesses.

Nuqtah gives creatives new possibilities to market their art, protect their rights, and share their vision with the world. Salwa founded Nuqtah NFT marketplace, ten years after being one of the youngest Saudi painters to have a portrait featured in the British Museum. Her passion for merging the worlds of art and technology were the fuel for her journey as a founder and CEO.

Salwa’s artistic interests gave her the drive to enter the world of web 3 and NFTs. “Before NFTs, a creative’s artwork could be misused, abused, or even lost,” she says. “With NFTs, artists won’t be exploited anymore by billion-dollar companies. Founding Nuqtah and reaching out to artists is my way of giving back to the creative community.”

With acknowledgement and pride, we show off our leader and inspiring woman, Salwa. A warm heart and assertive spirit that teaches us every day the value of commitment, interconnection, and constant improvement and growth.

Lastly, Thank You Ladies…

The risk-taking and drive of these Web 3 pioneers in this field has caused tremendous shifts in the technological landscape of the region. On this day, we would like to thank them for their tremendous contributions to changing economies, building technological societies, and focusing on enhancing digital literacy.

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