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AMR_BOGARI personal artist photo

A conceptual artist from Jeddah. Started the artistic journey from a very young age. I love merging digital illustration, design, photography and calligraphy.

SAMIR_ABDULLAH personal artist photo

Interior architect, 3D animator, Photographer and Match-Move Artist fueled by a passion for creativity and self-expression. Constantly pushing boundaries and bringing my unique vision to every project.

IRIS_AI personal artist photo

Quotes carry wisdom and unravel truths. Mere words have the power to energize and prompt one to take action. "A picture is worth more than a 1000 words". IRIS-AI aims to visualize and transform the wisdom of quotes into artworks using Artificial Intelligence. We aspire to create art that empowers, motivates, and inspires individuals.

ARTBYFAISAL personal artist photo

Faisal AlKheriji is a Saudi contemporary artist that mixes culture, cubism & surrealism to create.

ICHRAQ_BOUZIDI personal artist photo

Ichraq Bouzidi is a Visual and New Media Artist, her work resounds and resonates with images culled from the realm of memories, and emotions. By applying poetic and often metaphorical language, she mixes reality and fiction and tries to question conflicting emotional aspects of the human mind in a multi-layered approach. She currently lives and works between Dubai and Toronto

HEBA_ISMAIL personal artist photo

Its not just Cubism, its Hebaism

SALEEM_ALFIDI personal artist photo

A Saudi nature photographer since 2006. I participated in many exhibitions.. a photography instructor

KIM personal artist photo

Inspired by Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss", drew pictures that fit the culture of each country. Sharing information and knowledge about culture through works. 15k Instagram followers and has a network in MENA. Appeared in various interviews with Media (Middleeast eyes /korean times/arabnews)

NOMADIC_FRAME personal artist photo

Saudi Photographer and Artist. 2022 Sony World Photography Award Winner I aim to capture the essence of nomadic life and the beauty of the natural world through a unique style that blends traditional photography techniques with a modern aesthetic, resulting in images that tell stories of the people and places I encounter on along the journey My passion is to capture moments that are often overlooked by mainstream media and reveal the hidden beauty and depth of all cultures. My work has been recognized and celebrated in various photography competitions and exhibitions. Whether traveling to remote corners of the world or documenting the everyday lives of nomadic communities, I try to capture the beauty and majesty of any of my subjects. My work is a tribute to the resilience and strength of nomadic people, and a reminder of the vastness and diversity of the natural world.

Catherine Gfeller personal artist photo

Catherine Gfeller is a Franco-Swiss artist who lives and works in Montpellier, Paris and Switzerland. She started photography in the eighties, focusing on landscapes, and travelled to all the continents to find her motives. In 1995, thanks to a national grant, she can pursue her research in New York where she lived until 1999. Fascinated by the megalopolis, she transformed city scenes into Urban Friezes. She then moved to Paris where she received the HSBC Foundation Prize for Photography. Gradually, the human figure inhabits her compositions. Women protagonists are staged in a game of multiple imbrications. Between 2010 and 2020, Catherine Gfeller is invited to create subjective city portraits. In dialogue with the inhabitants and the spirit of the place, she interprets their testimonies through an imaginary vision, nourished by both observations and inventions. In response to the pandemic, the artist turns to the anthropocene. Her recent photographic tableaux and videos show landscapes ravaged by fire and where life seeks to reappear. She is awarded the prize of the Ministry of Culture in Paris (C.N.A.P.) for this project entitled Firelands, 2022. In her museum exhibitions, Catherine Gfeller invites visitors to wander through large-scale installations in the form of photographs, video projections, sound pieces, or sculptural objects. The spectators are immersed in a sensorial universe, oscillating between enigma, fiction and reality.

EGYAPE personal artist photo

A group of some of the most famous 8 artists in the Arab world

TRAVELER_CREW personal artist photo

♉BANDDER ♏SHOAA ♑FARRAH Adventurous & extreme traveller family Great storyteller #TRX #NFT #BTT

AMR_KHALID personal artist photo

Enthusiastic creative digital artists with more than 7 years of experience. Passionate about 3D motion graphics and animated pieces of art.

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